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Breast Augmentation Testimonials

"My experience with Dr. Ma was first-rate. She and her staff made me feel welcome and relaxed. I trusted her completely to transform me into the well-proportioned woman I am today. The process was much easier than going to the dentist." - Jennifer S.

"It was a wonderful experience, nothing like I thought at all. The staff at Blue Aspen is awesome and I would recommend them to everybody. In fact, I do. I would tell other women: If you have been considering getting a breast Augmentation, DON'T WAIT. I did it to boost my own self confidence and I really wish I would have done it 10 years sooner." - Jesse M.

"I had my breasts done about a year ago and I love them! I wish I would have done it sooner. Dr. Ma is a great plastic surgeon. I've recommend her to all friends." - Anna G.

"When I was searching for a facility for breast implants, we decided to look at a few places, before settling. My first impression of Blue Aspen, was the staff was extremely warm and friendly. I immediately felt comfortable. Dr Ma, was just as inviting and I felt very comfortable with her as well. What I liked most, was she didn't want to know about what cup size or CC's I had in mind, but how I envisioned my new body. She then showed me pictures of other patients, before and after, and gained an even clearer picture of what I wanted. In the end, I got exactly what I wanted. I couldn't be more happy with my body. I recommend Dr Ma and her staff to every one. Dr Ma is not only an excellent doctor, but an artist as well! Thank you, Dr. Ma!" - Holly C.

"My experience with Dr. Ma was excellent. I am so pleased with my surgery and results. I have had mammogram tech's and my gynecologist comment on what an excellent job the Dr. had done. They have even asked for her name, as they get asked about referrals. I requested that Dr. Ma use her discretion as to how big I should go, giving her some parameters. I couldn't be more pleased with my size. They feel so natural now and such a part of me." - Jane H.

"First of all, I wanted to thank the awesome staff at Blue Aspen for making my visits so welcoming! I really appreciated how friendly each staff member was, from the first day to the last. I could have easily chosen a Plastic Surgeon's clinic near my home, but felt more comfortable at Blue Aspen, which was an hour away!"

"I have to say that Dr. Debora Ma did an EXCEPTIONAL job on my breast augmentation, hands down! She had so much patience with me and all my questions during our one-on-one consultations before and after the surgery. I am EXTREMELY satisfied with my new look by ways of silicone implants. Even though the majority of her patients chose saline, I really liked the natural feel and look of silicone. Dr. Ma was very helpful with deciding on which types of implants to choose from and which size we needed in order to achieve the right "look" for me. She was right on! After 8 months, my breasts continue to feel more and more natural, and my self confidence has definitely improved. I am really happy I chose Dr. Ma. I am going to miss her!"

"I am forever grateful to Dr. Debora Ma. She is a brilliant Surgeon!" - Mariel G.

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