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Abdominoplasty Testimonials

"I struggled to get back in shape after having my children and was frustrated that I couldn't get to the shape I wanted. Upon recommendation from my Doctor, I saw Dr. Ma and came to understand that I would never get those muscles that had been stretched out and had a gap in them- to go back the way they had been before -by myself. After the surgery, I feel like the effort I make to stay in shape is showing. My husband loves the way I look and knows I did all I could and with the help of Dr. Ma, I am to where I feel good about myself. I have had many people comment on how well I look and I am so glad I had the surgery done. I still have to work to keep in shape, but I can stay there now. Truthfully, the recovery was longer than I expected, but it was so worth it." - Mary R.

"I had abdominoplasty done by Dr. Ma. As a patient and a medical student, I was impressed by professionalism and confidence of Dr. Ma. When you go through a surgery you want to make sure your life and body are in good hands. Dr. Ma made me feel very comfortable throughout the whole process. I am very satisfied with the result as well. The surgery greatly improved my self image and level of comfort. Thank you! If ever I need expertise in area of plastic surgery I know where to go." - Natalie G.

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